Editorial: Two Lawyers Serving the Public Good
12.01.16 | Daily Hampshire Gazette

Town May Issue 40B Permits Even Where Quota Met
06.20.07 | Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly

Affordable Housing Gets Zoning Pass in Mass.
06.15.07 | National Law Journal

Owners Recover for Sewage Spill
11.28.06 | The Republican

The Automated External Defibrillator: Clinical Benefits and Legal Liability
02.11.06 | The Journal of the American Medical Association

Owner Ordered to Pay Rentals
10.29.05 | The Republican

Woman Sues 24 Hour Fitness Over Son's Death
08.03.05 | Los Angeles Bizjournals

Worker's Wage Claim Barred By 'Release'
Employee Exchanged Right-To-Sue For Stocks
01.31.05 | Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly

Franklin court judge rules out back-pay claim against Millivision
01.25.05 | The Daily Hampshire Gazette

The 30 Most Memorable Cases of the Last 30 Years
24. Kristin Gilbert's Capital Murder Trial
Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly

When Exercise Turns Deadly
06.04 | Trial Magazine
This article appeared in the June, 2004 issue of Trial Magazine, a publication of the American Trial Lawyers Association. The author, Howard Pomerantz, has tried a case against a health club. Weinberg & Garber has worked closely with Mr. Pomerantz and provided a significant portion of the data and material used in the article.

AEDs Meet the Common Law of Torts
John Garber, Esq.

Video: The Lifesaving Device Most Gyms Don't Have
05.01.04 | Fox 25 News, Boston

U.S. Jets Must Now Have Defibrillators On Board
04.12.04 | USA Today

Inspector Orders Store to Erect Barriers
04.10.04 | The Greenfield Recorder

Specific Guidelines for Condo Ordered
Tenants Sued to Halt Construction
02.16.04 | Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly

Man Settles with Store in Crash Suit
01.08.04 | The Daily Hampshire Gazette

Man hit by truck sues store, site of accident
01.07.04 | The Daily Hampshire Gazette

Judge: Renovations Must Be Limited
Old Commons tenants get quiet, less cluttered site
10.21.03 | The Daily Hampshire Gazette

Plaintiff Could Sue Airline For Lack Of Defibrillator
USDC Judge: State-Law Claims Not Pre-Empted
05.05.03 | Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly

Chain of Events: Convenience Store Suit Spotlights Issue of Parking Lot Safety
05.03 | BusinessWest

Judge: Widow Can Sue Airline for Lack of On-Board Defibrillator
05.03 | Andrews Online: Aviation Litigation Reporter

Airlines Find Solution for Cardiac Arrest During Flights
Most carriers now use automated defibrillators
02.28.03 | The Business Journal if Milwaukee

Opening Statement: Weinberg, Garber Put Their Names Over the Door
02.03 | BusinessWest

Northwest Sued for Late Start with AEDs
01.10.03 | The Business Journal (Minneapolis/St. Paul)

Life, Death and Uncertainty
To the judge in charge, the murder trial of Kristin Gilbert offered an unsettling lesson — and inescapable conclusion — about the ultimate cost of the death penalty
07.08.01 | The Boston Sunday Globe

A Trying Time for Gilbert's Lawyers
Length of trial, threat of death add to pressure
01.06-7.01 | The Daily Hampshire Gazette

Woman Blames Airline for Husband's Death
02.02.98 | South Coast Today

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